Precision Farming

Welcome to Carolina Agri-Power's Precision Farming

Gone are the days when you spent hours on end preparing and working details on your planting and seeding and harvesting details as well as your field maintenance after harvest. Today you can get in your equipment, program on a digital device exactly what you need and you get it with the press of a screen.

At Carolina Agri-Power we offer the best precision farming programs in the industry. First of all, we offer Case IH's Advanced Farming System. Next, we offer Trimble's Precision Agriculture Field Solutions. Finally, we offer Precision Planting's program. We have three links below that will take you to additional information for each Brand. Please feel free to take a look at those and learn more about what each of them have to offer.

We feel these are the best the industry has to offer and are trained and qualified to help you choose the system that is right for your farming operation.

We welcome you to stop by or call after you look over our information and see for yourself why we chose the best for you.

Contact our specialist:

Tracy Christmas
AFS Specialist
Phone: (803) 459-8131

Joey Nance 
AFS Specialist
Phone: (803) 707-8625