Unverferth 1017

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Extreme Unloading

  • Dyna-Torque auger on models 1317 and 1117 combines a 22" diameter auger in the sump feeeding into a 20" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 620 bushels per minute
    • By increasing the unloading rate out of the sump, unloading efficiency is improved compared to a conventional, full-length 22" diameter auger
  • Model 1017 featuers a 20" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute
  • Auger intake (sump) is recessed below the floor line of the tank for complete clean out and faster unloading
    • Wheel operated clean out door for easy clean out and convenient pit dumping

Unloading Control

  • Hydraulically controlled 4-Way directional downspout provides 4 feet of left/right and 2 feet of in/out control for easily topping off trucks
  • Dual auger mounted unloading lights with hinge-mounted switch for accurate connection and easier night time unloading

Smooth Operation

  • Patented auger features a U-Joint with flex-drive coupler for unmatched durability and angles the auger outward for extreme upward, outward and forward reach

  • Patented cushioned upper auger connection for a smooth and stress-free auger engagement

  • Upper and lower auger flighting is synchronized for greater capacity, dependability and smooth operation

  • Computer-balancing virtually eliminates any vibration for smooth operation and longer life

  • Exclusive, full-length Extended-Wear flighting is 7/16" thick for longer life
  • Heavy-duty gearbox is static-rated at 330 h.p. and dynamic-rated at 153 h.p. for long-term, trouble-free use 

    • Features an extra large 1 3/4" full-length output shaft and 5-pin drive hub connection to the auger for handling the toughest unloading scenarios, even wet corn


Tank Features

  • Capacities of 1325, 1125 and 1025 bushels to fit your operation's needs
  • Interior slopes are graphite coated for faster, cleaner unloading
  • Flashing L.E.D. amber and red taillights, side marker lights, reflective markings and S.M.V. emblem for safer transport
  • Front viewing ladder and front and rear laminated, shatterproof windows for easily viewing contents
  • Hydraulically controlled flow control door with highly visible position indicator and externally mounted cylinder for easy maintenance


  • Tubular steel mainframe with a truss design and 12-guage steel shell provides added strength for carrying the heaviest loads through the field
  • Durable primer coating with your choice of tractor red or green oven-baked top coat of high-grade enamel for a smooth, automotive-like finish
    • Exposed seams are silicone sealed for corrosion resistance

Weatherguard Tarp

  • Weather-Guard rollover tarp with heavy-duty 18-oz. canvas to protect load contents is standard on the model 1317 and 1117 and optional on the model 1017


Model Number 1017

*Capacities measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture, 56# test weight.

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

Capacity* 1000+
Unload Speed (bu/min) 500
Approximate Empty Weight 13,420
Approximate Full Tongue Weight 6,000
Tire Size 900/60R32 BIAS LI176
xtreme grain carts specsImage A 19'6"
B 10'4"
C 21'10"
D 29'11"
E 13'9"
F-Adj. Min/Max 6'6"-8'6"
G 11'4"
H 10'8"
I 1'5"
J - Tandem Duals 60" or 72"
J - Singles** 120"
K - Tandem Duals 6'10"
K - Singles** 12'10"
L 11'11"
M 12'
M-Tracks 12'10"
N 11'11"

Loaded Tire Ground Pressure - P.S.I. calculated at the 3" penetration level.
For use as a comparative guide in choosing between various tire options

42"x148" Equalizer Tracks -
42"x131" Equalizer Tracks -
36"x148" Tracks -
36"x131" Tracks 10.94
650/65x42 Duals -
520/85x42 Duals -
480/80x42 Duals -
520/85x38 Duals -
1250/50x32 (201A8 LI) -
1250/50x32 (188A8 LI) 15.24
1050/50x32 16.80
35.5x32 (193A8 LI) -
35.5x32 18.27
900/60x32 24.89