Pull Types for Hay

An Impressive Leap Forward In Pull-Type Harvesting Productivity.

Significantly upgraded in almost every important area, MacDon’s R-Series Rotary Disc Pull-Type reinvents what rotary disc machines are capable of, like improved durability, windrow formation and cutting speed, especially in tough, heavy or wet crop conditions. Our rotary disc pull tools are built with renovated hitch design with high-capacity all-hydraulic drive system that provides overload protection for all components. This reduces maintenance needed that can take up time in your work hours, compared to mechanical hitch designs. The drive-shaft is repositioned so that a straight line is maintained between the tractor's PTO and header pump to help reduce vibration and wear down of the unit. The vertical pivot is moved back from the tractor and allowed the front end of the tongue to extend over it for a tighter turning radius. Our MacDon pull-type equipment isn't just built to meet the demands, its built for easy handling, powerful results, and cleaner looking land.